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Founded in 1936 ...

Transport Bongaerts is since the beginning a well established company in the provence of Limburg (BE). Founded over 80 years ago as a transport company for the mining industry in the towns of Zwartberg, Waterschei and Winterslag and rapidly grown towards an important logistical partner for many local organisations.

From the fifties onwards, Bongaerts added furniture movements to their services and remained an important general logistics provider for the wider region.

A new chapter in 2008 ...

Turan Orhan acquired back in 2008 the 70-year old company and changed the name towards Bongaerts Logistcs NV.

The organisation counts currently 18 employees and aspires to realise an annual growth of 20%.

Bongaerts Logistics 

Bongaerts Logistics wants to presents itself as one of the key players in the logistical region and a connector between the provence of Limburg and the Eastern markets such as the emerging markets in Turkey, China and Russia.

That continues in 2016 ...

Bongaerts Logistics has moved since the beginning of 2016 to a new location in Genk (BE), allowing us to offer more extensive capabilities and benefiting from a larger warehouse capacity.

Our range of services has grown accordignly allowing us to serve our accounts and the market even better than before!


"Our ambition is challenging but achievable.  We aim to realise an annual growth of 20% and target Eastern markets such as Turkey, China en Russia."

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"Quality, reliability, speed!
These three keystones are the foundation of  the success of Bongaerts Logistics."


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